A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Welcome in Fanfarons, be a fanfare’s leader and… wait a minute, where are your musicians ??? 
Find out these lazy sleeping Fanfarons all over the forest. 
Then, TAP to guide your band from levels to reach the great concert !
Beware of Carniflors living there who don’t hesitate to attack them… 
And, nobody wants a concert without musicians !

Immerse yourself in a cute and colourful universe inhabited by cute little red pandas. Protect your fanfare with only simple finger stroke.

Who can play ?
For all players from 7 years old to 80 who like to explore, boast and solve puzzles while protecting little cute creatures on mobile or tablet at home, during a break.

We Are Studio Team
Styxou : https://styxou.itch.io/
Hugo Cambours : https://hugo-cambours.itch.io/
Cecile Dassieu : https://itch.io/profile/cecile-dassieu
LuLu_Lumia : https://lulu-lumia.itch.io/
Keramien : https://itch.io/profile/keramien
l-melanie : https://itch.io/profile/l-melanie
(Sound Designer) Pigroni : http://pigroni.com/
ETPA School : https://etpa.itch.io/

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags3D, Colorful, Cute, Exploration, fanfarons, mobile, Music, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

  •  For the Mobile Version : 
    - Download the APK
    - Connect your Android device
    - Drag and Drop the APK in your folder Download
    - Open your folder Download on your Device
    - Click on the applications "Fanfarons" and Accept to download it
    - Now you're ready to be the Fanfare's leader you want to !

  •  For the PC Version : 
    - Download the files
    - Unzip* the folder Fanfarons
    - Start Fanfarons.exe
    - Now you're ready to be the Fanfare's leader you want to !

* Unzip = two ways to unzip the folder :
- Right click on it and choose "Extract here".
- Double click on the zipped folder, choose the folder "Fanfarons" on your extractor application and click on "Extract".

Important Information : 
This game's default language is French, if you want it to be in English, choose your language in the Settings on Menu in the game. Thank you !


Fanfarons_android.apk 253 MB
Fanfarons_android_v2.apk 253 MB
Fanfarons_pc.zip 467 MB
Fanfaron_pc_v2.zip 497 MB

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