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Hey ! It's our first game in 3D, we were two and made it for the Ludum Dare 44 with the theme "Your life is currency". 

So you're playing as an armed robber whose entered in a bank during the night, but an alarm called the police and they'll be there in 6min.  Before leave, your boss want you to rob for him things more expensive each time you meet him. You have debt to him, so if you don't succeed to bring him what he wants, he won't hesitate to kill you and your body will be your repayment. 
Will you try to wait the police, but you'll be killed by your boss ? Or will you take care of your boss, but if you're not good enough, die too ? 

Use QZSD to move and SPACEBAR to get objects. (Sorry QWERTY users..).
When you're speaking to your boss, you have to click with your mouse in your inventory to choose what objects picked you'll give him.

/!\ This game is not finish at all. We met many problems during the production so for now you can't win or lose. But the principal mechanic is in, so let us know what you think about it ! Thanks ! /!\

jiukka : https://jiukka.itch.io/
LuLu_Lumia : https://lulu-lumia.itch.io/


Life,holdup.zip 6 MB

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