A downloadable game for Windows

Cooperation game when you have to reach the city's end to get your geranium ! It's a runner-shooter game.

The first player controls the character with QZD.

The second player has to help his friend through obstacles with the mouse. He has to choose, aim and shoot a plant. He has 3 types of plants, the mushroom bumper, the climbing plant and the plant's bridge.
BUT, only the first player can get seed for the second, so communication is indispensable !
Well, now you know everything, let's start !

Elodie CAMUS 
Juliette COLOMBE ( https://jiukka.itch.io/ ) 
Cécile DASSIEU ( https://itch.io/profile/cecile-dassieu )
Lucie DESCHAMPS ( https://lulu-lumia.itch.io/ )
Damien KERMEL ( https://itch.io/profile/keramien )
Laura MAUREL ( https://www.instagram.com/meave.art/?hl=fr )

Install instructions

  1. Download the ZIP Folder
  2. Unzip it
  3. Start NeedForSeed.Exe
  4. Find a friend to play with
  5. Have Fun !


V1.zip 24 MB

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